Contacts and Guidelines

Emergency - 911

Non-Emergency - 775-334-2677

Gaston Wilkerson Property Management - personal issues affecting your condo or personal needs -- parking permits etc.

ESI Security - 775-626-3000

Reno Police Dept: Main Dispatch Number 775-334-2677

Nearest Substation 775-689-2960

How to File an On-line Police Report (File your own for personal issues. Board liaison must report crimes affecting common areas.)

  1. Go to the City of Reno website reno.gov
  2. Click the tab: I want to . . .
  3. Click Report
  4. Click, Police on-line reporting
  5. Follow instructions
Report HOA rule violations that affect safety and security, flnw@flreno.org

Neighborhood Watch Guidelines:

  • Carry cell phone (with camera), pool/rec key, small notebook & pen when walking on grounds.
  • Identify violators and potential problems by:
    • Recording incident in notebook, including description of violators (photograph, if possible). Note date, time, nature of incident and as much information as possible.
    • Identifying condo unit number by watching where person(s) go. Use condo map to pinpoint.
  • DO NOT put your personal safety as risk under any circumstances.
  • Notify your Block Captain or send email to flnw@flreno.org.

HOA Rules

  • To review HOA rules, by-laws, and other HOA information, visit the Fallen Leaf Property Management website, www.gwascorp.com/contact.