Revision of previous Fallen Leaf Rules and Regulations, amendment 3.6.1 to Article III, Section 3.6 Garages; Parking Restrictions

Any vehicle parked in a guest parking space at night must have a Fallen Leaf HOA guest parking permit EXCEPT for handicapped spaces for which state issued handicapped license plates or placards will be required. Guest parking spaces are those spaces marked by a white line on one or both sides of the space and not designated as a handicapped space. These spaces have also been referred to as guest parking cutouts. The Board may choose not to enforce restrictions on short-term guest parking during the day except for illegal parking such as blocked fire lanes, etc. because of costs of enforcement, visiting delivery trucks, etc., however all-day parking is not permitted without a permit and may be enforced.

The Board's Policy is to allow each Owner a total of 30 (thirty) nights per year of guest parking with a FL HOA guest parking permit. These permits are issued by the Fallen Leaf property management company. The guest parking permits are issued for no more than 5 (five) nights at a time. Owners who have exhausted their guest parking permit entitlements (30 days) may purchase parking permits for 30 days at a time for $100.00 payable in advance of permit issuance. No more than 4 (four) such passes may be outstanding at any given time. Vehicles with these passes must be parked in one of the four parking spaces designated for paid parking.

Parking in front of center-unit (units with numbers ending in 22) garages will not require any pass provided the vehicle does not block another unit owner's garage access nor can any part of the vehicle extend into a fire lane as marked by a short red line in front of center-unit garages.

Vehicles parked overnight in the Fallen Leaf guest parking areas without passes will be given a courtesy notice for the first violation and a tow notice for a second violation. Continued violations will result in the vehicle being towed. Owners of vehicles which have been towed must reimburse the towing company and the patrol company for the reasonable value of their time and equipment use in having the vehicle towed before their vehicle will be returned to them.

Vehicles parked in handicapped spaces which do not have valid handicapped license plates or a handicapped placard are subject to being towed without notice whenever so parked.

Some units have driveways deep enough to park a vehicle without protruding into the fire lane or blocking access to adjacent garages. Such drives will be considered by the board to be limited common area for the exclusive use of owners of adjacent garages without the necessity of obtaining permits. They are designated by gray curbs. Except for center units, parking on driveway areas not marked by a gray curb is not allowed at any time.