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Current Information:

  • Most Violated CC&Rs:
    • Guest parking - overnight outside parking (guest parking): Requires a permit which can be obtained from our management company, Gaston Wilkerson. Parking rules are enforced by ESI which we hire to mintain Fallen Leaf security. The complex is patrolled every night and vehicles without permits are warned (first offense), then ticketed, and may be towed if there are repeat offenses. See Guest Parking Rules below.
    • Dog offenses: Dogs must be kept on leash and their droppings cleaned up. First offense gets a letter. Additional offenses may result in a fine.
    • Garbage cans left out: Garbage is collected every Monday afternoon. Ideally, cans should be put out Monday morning and returned to garages Monday night, but cans found out Sunday or Tuesday will probably not result in a warning. if a warning is issued a second offense may result in a fine.
  • Guest Parking Rules. Note: guest parking passes may be obtained on line by contacting the property management company. Contact info is listed on the Contacts Guidlines page.

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