Fallen Leaf CC&R Violation Reporting Procedure:

If you want to report a possible CC&R violation, please send an email to or call the Fallen Leaf property management company, Gaston Wilkerson Association Services (GW). The primary contact for Fallen Leaf is Valerie Hand. Her email is vhand@gwascorp.com. Her telephone number is 775-323-4355 ext 1010. Your personal information will not be released outside of GW. You will remain anonymous unless the violation is contested in which case you may be contacted by GW.

Following is the information you must provide:

1. Type of violation.

2. Time and place violation occurred.

3. Description of what you saw. Provide pictures if possible.

4. Unit number(s) of the person or persons involved.

You may elaborate if you wish but the above information is all that is required and all that will be considered by GW.

Based on what you provide, GW will either:

1. Ask you for more information.

2. Take appropriate action considering if the violation is new (a warning letter will be sent), or a repeat of the same violation within a couple of weeks (depending on how serious) in which case a fine or a repeat fine will be imposed.

Its important that you continue to report repeats of the same violation using the same procedure described above. That is the only way GW can take action. GW reports action taken to the HOA Board but cannot provide that information to non-board members